How to Choose a Hot Water Service

When a hot water service (HWS) goes bad, it usually does so without warning. If you’ve waited until this happened to find a new service, you’ve waited too long.
Here’s a few things to consider when looking at a new HWS.

Size & Space

As well as having the space to fit the HWS unit, the unit will need clearance on all sides. Ensure there is enough space in your chosen location for your heater. If you choose a larger HWS you may need to find a new location for the unit. This could include relocation of plumbing so consult a professional to find out what this will involve in your home.


There are two main types of HWS units: Storage & Tankless.
Storage: These are very common. A Storage Tank HWS holds the water in an insulated tank and heats it until it is needed. These units are economical, but efficieny is based on brand and model.

Tankless: A Tankless HWS doesn’t store the water, but heats it as it passes through the unit. This makes a Tankless unit more energy-efficient. Because these units don’t need space for storing water they are smaller and will save space by hanging from the wall.

Impact & Efficiency

Water heating accounts for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions from Australian homes. All heaters must meet minimum energy performance standards when sold in Australia so shop around for one with a good energy rating.